Residential FAQ

Crosstown Glass only installs tempered glass shower doors and enclosures due to Federal government code specifications for safety. Tempered glass is created by applying heat to strengthen the glass. When glass is not tempered it breaks into large dangerous shards. Tempered glass breaks into many small beads of glass.
We tint windows for residential and commercial applications. We do not, however, tint automobile windows. For auto tinting, we suggest you use a professional, and first contact your local law enforcement to be sure you understand the most recent laws related to automotive window tinting.
There is no standard size or thickness for windows or patio doors, the insulated units are made to fit your window or door frame.
Yes, we repair and rescreen all types of screened products.
Crosstown Glass can cut mirrors into many shapes and sizes. Let us know your specific needs.
Same day glass replacement is possible in some cases. Most average size insulated glass units (IGUs) are done in approximately 1 to 2 weeks.
Where can I see Frameless Bath and Shower Enclosures

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